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Dyslexic Thinking has transformed the world we live in. It has helped dyslexics to invent things we can’t live without, imagine what others couldn’t see, and solve problems that others couldn’t crack. And now our thinking is vital for the future. Join our global movement to change how the world views and values dyslexia. Together, we can redefine dyslexia – for good!

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For decades, dyslexics have been expected to ‘fit in’, measured for the very skills we find challenging. Now, technology is replacing the need for these skills and Dyslexic Thinking skills are the ‘in demand’ skills in the new world of work. The workforce of today and tomorrow needs Dyslexic Thinking, and dyslexics should no longer be expected to ‘fit in’ but ‘stand out’, and focus on our strengths. Share your dyslexic brilliance using our toolkit below, with email signatures, social banners and more.


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80% of dyslexics leave school unidentified. Could you be one of them? Take our Dyslexic Thinking Test and see if you have the skills the workplace of today and tomorrow needs.



re-defining dyslexia

The D.Spot vodcast series reveals all there is to know about dyslexic thinking… and why the world needs more of it right now.

Made By Dyslexia D.Spot Vodcast


Made By Dyslexia interviews

Watch these inspiring films featuring successful dyslexics.