Take a day and Learn Dyslexia

There are 7.753 billion people on earth. And 1 in 5 of them are dyslexic. Their skills are recognised by the World Economic Forum as the skills every workplace needs. But these skills are not spotted or supported in our schools. That’s why Made By Dyslexia is calling for every school across the world to take a day for dyslexia and skill up using our FREE online training. 

Teachers: Take A Day For Dyslexia

One single day of training can give you the tools you need to spot, support and empower every dyslexic learner in your classroom. Training is FREE, online and available to all – in partnership with Microsoft. New York City has already trained all 100,000 teachers. Now we’re asking the rest of the world to follow their lead. Can you #takeadayfordyslexia?

Parents: Join the global movement

94% say teachers need training to understand and support Dyslexic Thinking. But if you join our global movement, and ask your school to take our FREE online training, we can change that. By adding your voice to our campaign, you’ll help inspire millions of educators around the world to Take a Day for Dyslexia and transform the outcomes of every dyslexic learner.

Take our NEW Dyslexic Thinking training.

Our new, free, online training: Dyslexic Thinking in Schools, is NOW AVAILABLE on Microsoft Learn to help teachers and parents understand and empower Dyslexic Thinking skills. These are the exact skills the World Economic Forum say are vital for the workplace. This course will help you to understand WHAT Dyslexic Thinking is, HOW to recognise it and WHY it’s vital we empower it at school and at home.