What makes you xtraordinary?

How your xtraordinary brain works

When you’re dyslexic, you think a little differently. This xtraordinary way of thinking makes you good at all sorts of things. When we’re good at something, we do it so much that we become xtraordinary at it! When we grow up, we use our xtraordinary powers to help us become xtraordinarily good at our jobs.

Your dyslexic strengths

There are 7 types of Xtraordinary superpowers. You might be one of them or a mixture of a few.


People who are “made by dyslexia” find some things trickier – especially school work. It can make you feel like you have to work harder than other kids to do the same thing.

Things like:

  • Learning to read, write and spell
  • Remembering lots of facts and figures
  • Concentrating and following instructions
  • Tests are particularly tricky as they are a combination of these things

When we find things difficult, it can make us feel embarrassed, or even stupid, when we are absolutely NOT stupid!

But with the right support, we can learn to do all these challenging things well enough. The most important thing is to find your dyslexic superpower and do lots of it!

– QUIZ –

What kind of Xtraordinary person are you?


This is My Dyslexia

Dyslexia results in a different pattern of strengths and challenges for everyone. Help your child to fill in a ‘This is MY Dyslexia’ Passport and share it with their teachers & friends, so everyone understands and values their unique skills.

Xtraordinary People Book!

This brilliant book will help you understand the 7 ‘Xtraordinary’ strengths that come with dyslexia. It’s a brilliant way to explain dyslexia to all kids.

Meet our young ambassadors!