About our founder, Kate Griggs.

About Kate

British social entrepreneur and leading Dyslexic Thinking expert, Kate Griggs, is the founder of the Dyslexic Thinking movement and global charity, Made By Dyslexia. Kate has been shifting the narrative on dyslexia and educating people on its strengths since 2004. Dyslexic herself and having been surrounded by an extraordinary ‘smorgasbord of Dyslexic Thinking’ her whole life, Griggs knows the superpower of dyslexia all too well. She has written two best-selling books on Dyslexic Thinking, published by Penguin: This Is Dyslexia which explains Dyslexic Thinking to young people and adults and Xtraordinary People which explains Dyslexic Thinking to kids.

Kate is the host of chart-topping new podcast Lessons in Dyslexic Thinking, where she interviews some of the world’s most famous, inspirational, and fascinating Dyslexic Thinkers. Kate has shared her wealth of Dyslexic Thinking expertise in Made By Dyslexia’s free training courses for schools and workplaces available online now at Microsoft Learn and LinkedIn Learning.

Recent stories and a bit of history


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Kate’s BBC Documentary showed how training teachers in dyslexia could transform educational outcomes.

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Kate’s campaigning resulted in the Rose Review, which recommended ALL teachers are trained in dyslexia.

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