Tell the world you are Made By Dyslexia

The world needs Dyslexic Thinking! Thanks to our campaign, the world’s largest careers network, LinkedIn, has offered its 774+ million members the chance to add Dyslexic Thinking as a vital skill. So, if you are Made By Dyslexia, now is the time to share your sought-after skills with the world.

If you’re dyslexic, add Dyslexic Thinking as a skill on your LinkedIn profile today. Or encourage those who are dyslexic to add it to their profile.

Add a line to your email signature:

I’m #MadeByDyslexia

I’m #MadeByDyslexia – expect creative thinking & creative spelling.

I’m #MadeByDyslexia – expect big thinking & small typos.

I’m #MadeByDyslexia – expect curious ideas & curious spelling.

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