Helping every teacher to spot, support & empower dyslexic children.

Take A Day For Dyslexia

Our new ‘Learn Dyslexia’ campaign asks every teacher to Take A Day for Dyslexia and skill up using our FREE online training, in partnership with Microsoft.

One single day is all it takes to complete all 3 training levels below. But it’s enough to change a child’s life. And for you to change the world.

Level 1: Dyslexia Awareness

This is a course that every teacher and parent should take. It helps you to Connect the Spots and understand how dyslexic people think and gives you easy-to-implement tools and strategies to support them.

Level 2: Dyslexia Teaching

Our second course takes a deeper dive into how to spot dyslexia, what methodologies work and shows you how to implement them in your classroom.

Level 3: Dyslexia & Technology

This third course helps educators everywhere understand how simple free technology can transform the outcomes for dyslexic students.

What are teachers saying?

Teachers all around the globe are skilling up with our easy, free, training.

Making change happen

Dyslexic children will only succeed if we can reshape how we teach them today. Help us to train every teacher in the next five years to SPOT, SUPPORT and EMPOWER every dyslexic learner by sharing:


Ask your school to Take A Day For Dyslexia and skill up with FREE training for all teachers.



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