The Xtraordinary People Quiz

What kind of xtraordinary person are you? What do you love to do? What are you naturally good at? Tick the descriptions that sound like you to find out.







"People" People

You might be mostly one thing - or a mix of a few. Whatever makes you xtraordinary, the important thing is to do lots of it. Your xtraordinary superpowers will take you far. You are:

A Storyteller

You just love stories! Whether it's creating them, listening to them or watching them on TV. Some storytellers tell tall tales and can be very persuasive! Others are good at explaining things. When they grow up, Storytellers often become journalists, teachers, politicians or more. Some of the world's best Storytellers are Made By Dyslexia, like Roald Dahl and Dav Piley (the creator of Captain Underpants).

A Maker

Makers just love to make! Your dyslexic brain might make you brilliant at building Lego masterpieces, assembling jigsaw puzzles or building worlds online. Your dyslexic superpowers might include: painting, drawing, crafting or cooking. When you grow up, you might become an architect, chef, designer or more. Some of the world's best Makers are Made By Dyslexia, like Picasso and Jamie Oliver.

An Entertainer

Entertainers are born to entertain! Some sing. Others dance. Some love to tell jokes and make people laugh. Entertainers are often musical and love to play or listen to the rhythm of music. When they grow up, Entertainers often become actors, musicians, salespeople or presenters. Some of the world's best Entertainers are Made By Dyslexia, including: Orlando Bloom and Ed Sheeran.

A Mover

Some people see you as a fidget, but your dyslexic brain thinks better on the go! You're at your happiest when you're active, playing games or sport. You might be a born dancer, with xtraordinary rhythm or a great gymnast with amazing flexibility. When they grow up, Movers often become sports champions, dancers, choreographers or more. Some of the world's best Movers are Made By Dyslexia, including: Chris Robshaw (former Captain of the England Rugby team) and Lewis Hamilton (World Champion F1 Racing Driver).

An Imaginer

Your imagination takes you to xtraordinary places! Some people say you're a day dreamer, but your brain is conducting a symphony of ideas. You might love role-play and make believe. Or creating imaginary worlds. Or inventing characters, objects and inventions that no-one's ever imagined before. When they grow up, Imaginers often become scientists, inventors, entrepreneurs or artists! Some of the world's best Imaginers are Made By Dyslexia, including: Steven Spielberg (Oscar-winning film director) and Maggie Aderin-Pocock (Space Scientist and Communicator).

A Questioner

Questioners love questions! You might be good at asking 'Why?' or 'Why not?'. Your dyslexic brain makes you curious and you like to know how things work. You might be brilliant at solving problems others can't or challenging things to create a better world for everyone. When Questioners grow up, they often become detectives, spies, entreprenurs or change-makers. Some of the world's best Questioners are Made By Dyslexia, like Richard Branson and many spies in the British Intelligence network, GCHQ.

A People Person

As a "People" person, you're brilliant at understanding how others are feeling - often spotting when people are sad and what you can do to help. This makes you a great friend. You love to help and are often very good at organising people. When "People" people grow up, they often become: nurses, doctors, teachers, managers or presenters. Some of the world's best People People are Made By Dyslexia, like Ruth May (the Chief Nurse in the UK) and the Bishop of London, Sarah Mullally.

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